About us

The LASSOUED sisters became aware of the value of their heritage and have never stopped enriching their expertise. They are now experts in olive oil tasting, also known as oleologists. Their passion led them to create the NEAPOLYSSA® brand, “The sirens of the Mediterranean”, to share their expertise with the world.

NEAPOLYSSA® is a unique concept that combines oleotourism and local products. It is presented in the family house of Arabesque style, Dar Abdelhak LASSOUED, an ancestral building dating back over 400 years located in the Medina of Nabeul. Today, NEAPOLYSSA® offers an alternative and unavoidable tourist experience through various workshops that awaken the senses:

• Extra virgin olive oil tasting workshops
• Harissa preparation workshop and tasting of local products
• Floral water distillation workshop (bitter orange, geranium, Damask roses)


Olive Oil Tasting Experience

Dive into local flavors with this extra virgin olive oil tasting experience at Neapolyssa House, and savor some garden-fresh creations. Have your questions about extra virgin olive oil answered by your host.

Extra Virgin Olive oil Tunisia
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